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For home and business use, efflux PDF, Doc-it and Doc-it PRO provide a set of features for converting, reviewing, sharing, and organizing your documents.

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An affordable PDF, image, and document processing solution.

Offering a range of features and functions at a great price – the efflux PDF reader is, and always will be, free!

efflux PDF

Open and view different document types, combine files into a new PDF, create annotations and signatures – Supplied with a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.


efflux PDF is, and will always be, a free product. For additional features and functions, it’s easy to upgrade to Doc-it and Doc-it PRO.


efflux Doc-it Best Value

All the features of efflux PDF but with Advanced Outlook plugin, TWAIN scanner support, webcam capture and hot-folders. More advanced annotations and redaction features.


The equivalent of just €5.83/month.
Cancel within 7 days for a full refund.


efflux Doc-it PRO

All the features of Doc-it and including workflows, profiles, key word, and phrase redaction as well as connectors into SharePoint and more. Please see feature comparison.


The equivalent of just €13.00/month.
Cancel within 7 days for a full refund.

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A suite of products and tools to work with your documents and a price to suit any budget.

The Efflux applications are designed as a set of tools for individuals, small and large companies that have a need to be more productive with their documents that is cost effective – we call this ‘the path to Digital Transformation.









Annotation for Collaboration.


The addition of Document Annotations, such as stamps, signatures, initials, redaction and highlight areas and key words or phrases are very useful features when looking to share and collaborate with other people and ensuring the right message gets across, or sensitive information is hidden.

TWAIN Scanning.

TWAIN Scanning

The efflux Doc-it and Doc-it PRO applications allow for document capture via TWAIN scanners with advanced settings that provide just one of a number of ways of getting documents and images into the system for composing and organising pages, cleaning up images and converting as required before saving or sharing.

Compare Changes.

Compare Changes

A comparison view that displays the anticipated outcome following the application of your template settings, document toolbox, and image processing, enabling you to compare versions of documents side-by-side, highlighting the changes in real-time.

Document Composition.

Document Composition

Say goodbye to time-consuming document creation with our software's document composition capabilities. You can easily modify and combine multiple files into one document, saving time and help increase productivity.

Public schools get FREE copies of license

As part of our commitment to supporting education, we are offering free copies of efflux Doc-it to public schools. This allows educators to access the full range of features and tools offered by our software, without having to worry about licensing fees or other costs purchasing software licenses. We aim to support public schools in their efforts to provide high-quality education to their students.

Get efflux Doc-it for FREE
Public schools get FREE copies of license

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Frequently asked questions.

efflux PDF software is a free tool designed to view, modify, create, and manage Portable Document Format files.

efflux Doc-it is our mid-range product offering more advanced options that can convert PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF, MS Word and MS Excel, documents to Searchable PDF, Word, and Excel, compose new documents and apply image processing to the pages. It can also add annotations, signature, highlight, redaction, etc. It includes TWAIN scanning, photo capture abilities and has profiles to save different layouts and different output workflows.

efflux Doc-it PRO our most advanced application providing all the features of Doc-it that enables Workflows and Connectors where you can define output format, define OCR language, redaction and highlight using Keywords and Phrases and Store documents to various location including to SharePoint.