The Efflux product suite can help streamline document processes such as viewing, converting, composing, and sharing PDFs, images and office documents (Word & Excel).

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In starting Efflux Solutions, Renes’ strategy was to partner with a market leading company to create an OCR and document imaging engine that will power this new range of products. For this he looked to UBUNYE Holdings and their development team with a proven track record or creating robust document imaging solutions sold and installed globally – From there the efflux engine was born.

Since the start of Efflux Solutions in 2022, there is a continuous development programme to ensure that the new Efflux range stay at the forefront of innovation. The aim is to establish the business as a market leader in OCR, document imaging and AI development.


To deliver innovative solutions that enhance and drive economic growth through our creative design and continuous development so that we can deliver high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage to customers and our partners around the globe.


The partnership with UBUNYE provides continuous development and innovation. Constant revision of our solutions, the market requirements and technological trends drives us forward ensuring our products develop in the right way.


The efflux engine was created to provide a cost-effective way of working with documents and image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Technology. As well as powering software applications such as efflux Doc-it and Doc-it PRO, the efflux engine can also be supplied as a separate module for customers to embed into their own software applications, making it a versatile option for many different use cases and applications.

The efflux engine, and the products it powers, provide far more than just OCR! Advanced image processing features such as annotations, redaction or highlighting based on words or phrases for example, hide a credit card number or highlight a patient ID number automatically, are all built in.

Being able to clean up an image by removing background ‘noise’ or the ability to straighten a page are features that bring far more to the user than printed text reading associated with other products.

The efflux PDF, Doc-it and Doc-it PRO products do not just work with PDF documents, the ability to open or import other image files and document formats and output documents in other formats is what makes the Efflux Solutions product range a perfect fit for so many clients globally.

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