Export to DMS

efflux Doc-it PRO’s integration with Document Management System (DMS) enables seamless transition of information flow.

Export to DMS
Export to DMS

Your document’s final destination will be fully taken care of.

Swift upload to Document Management System (DMS).

Our connectors enable seamless integration with several Document Management System (DMS), such as DocVolante & SharePoint, which is included by default in the application. Other DMS will be available for installation as an add-on in the future.

Ease of sharing information.

Sharing information between systems streamlines the flow of data through your organization. As a result, communication between departments improves, productivity rises, and duplicate data entry is eliminated.

How to Export Documents to Document Management System (DMS) in efflux Doc-it PRO:

Step 1:

Launch efflux Doc-it PRO.

Step 2:

Open the document that you wish to modify.

Step 3:

Drag the document pages that you wish to modify to the Composition panel.

Step 4:

After modification of the document pages, select one of the options out of “All Documents, Composed Documents, Selected Documents or All and Composed Documents” located on the footer of the Metadata panel.

Step 5:

Click on the “Execute” button to export the document.

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