Split PDF

Separate a PDF document into individual documents.

Split PDF
Split PDF

Split and share only necessary parts of lengthy documents.

Easy splitting.

Quickly separate your PDF & other document types to create new documents. You can also add and retrieve pages from multiple documents.

Choose which pages to split.

When scanning articles, contracts, or invoices, you want to do it quickly and thoroughly. However, you may require separate pages of a document in the end. Split your document before printing, sharing, or sending any information you don't want to!

How to Split PDF & other file types with Efflux:

Step 1:

Launch Efflux.

Step 2:

Open your document.

Step 3:

Create a composition by dragging your document to the Composition panel.

Step 4:

Select the page that you want to split on the document and click on the “Split Document” icon from the Composition Toolbox.


Please insert the “Split Document” feature in between the pages that need to be split.

Step 5:

Right click on any pages in the Composition panel or the save icon in the toolbox and select “Save > PDF" or “Save As > Searchable PDF/Word/Excel in efflux Doc-it or Doc-it PRO”.


Additionally, you can also modify the files further with annotation & image processing before saving them as a merged file.

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efflux PDF

Open and view different document types, combine files into a new PDF, create annotations and signatures – Supplied with a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook.


efflux PDF is, and will always be, a free product. For additional features and functions, it’s easy to upgrade to Doc-it and Doc-it PRO.


efflux Doc-it Best Value

All the features of efflux PDF but with Advanced Outlook plugin, TWAIN scanner support, webcam capture and hot-folders. More advanced annotations and redaction features.


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efflux Doc-it PRO

All the features of Doc-it and including workflows, profiles, key word, and phrase redaction as well as connectors into SharePoint and more. Please see feature comparison.


The equivalent of just €13.00/month.
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