How do you know when the time is right to change your PDF provider?

How do you know when the time is right to change your PDF provider?

It is not just the business owners and top management that has felt the disruption in businesses over the last few years. IT managers that need to ensure that the right technology is in place to continuously drive the business forward has also been under pressure.

There has been so much talk about digitalization, automation and transformation but what does that mean for IT managers who on a daily basis face the challenges of evolving ways of working, distributed teams, demand for document and PDF tools and with constant budget cuts, it becomes nearly impossible to manage.

Finding the right PDF software and a partner that understand your business needs is not always easy.

Businesses globally embraced hybrid working solutions and with a distributed workforce the pressure is on IT to ensure that the software needs are met.

Reviewing your competitors on a regular basis gives you the edge you require to position yourself in the market but even more important is an annual review of your suppliers to ensure that they align with your strategic objectives and has your business needs top of their priorities.

What do you need to look at before making a move?

  • The first thing to look at is what percentage of your team works remotely and what devices do they work on. This will be a key driver in choosing the right PDF partner for your business. It needs to be easy for the team to convert and access documents where ever they are and from whatever device they choose. It is also imperative to ensure that the activation is simple with minimal administration and budget required.
  • The value that PDF tools bring to a business has become clear to management and they understand that the most important benefit is the fact that it is secure and increases productivity. The fact that PDF documents are transferrable between teams that are working remotely ensures that teams are connected from anywhere. The fact that such a high percentage of teams works remotely requires a high quantity of licenses and having a partner that is flexible with the license agreements at a better cost is important.
  • Not everyone enjoys and embraces new technology, especially when there are constant changes within a business. It is often the case that when new software is introduced it creates a divide between easy adopters who see the value and others that take a little bit more of convincing that the software can enhance their efficiencies. Therefore taking this into account you need to partner with a PDF supplier that takes a customer centric approach. If the transition to a new supplier is smooth, the adoption is less disruptive. If the transition is easy then you will have majority becoming advocates of the product who will encourage the rest of the team to use the new software.
  • Green strategies have become one of the highest priorities and is on the agenda in most exec or board meetings. It is common knowledge that PDF tools reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint but it is an added benefit if your PDF supplier can be transparent on how they measure the impact on productivity, sustainability and return on investment.

Having the right partners for your business mean that they know the value of increasing your efficiencies and compliments your existing strengths to ensure that you work together harmoniously to achieve your business goals.

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